My name is Kettu though my hufamily call me Ketti My name is Kuusi - you don't see many lappies this colour My name is Osa Impilicious - that's me, Impi My name is Kiva and I live with Mylo <sigh> my kennel name is "Stig" but now I am known as Otso Lumi Koira - that's Finnish for "Snow Dog" I am Kanto, or as my hufamily sometimes say "Kanto No" Hi, I'm Linus - watch this space and one day this picture might be replaced with one of me as an adult ;-)
Sello - that's Finnish for "cello" Now known as Zack - one day my diaries will be famous I am Sisko - 6 of these dogs are my furbabies I am Tuukka - arguably the coolest dog ever I am Zinty and NO, I am NOT a Finnish Lapphund, I am a German Spitz Klein I am Smuu - if it were not for me none of these dogs would be here, well apart from Zinty I am Peppi - in 2009 I was awarded Reserve Best Bitch at Crufts I am Kallis - I now run free at Rainbow Bridge I am Jaska

This website is designed to share the great love I have for my dogs and these fabulous breeds.

Whilst I breed very occasionally, I will happily point you in the right direction to learn more about
Finnish Lapphunds or German Spitz Klein and, if appropriate, help you find a puppy of your own.

Within my site you will be able to find out more about these breeds as well as my own dogs and
those I have bred and that now live with other happy families.

Please click on any of the links at the top for further information.

I hope you enjoy my site!